Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Aquatints, Residual Memories

Residual Memory: Flying dream

Residual Memory: Stop Swimming

Residual Memory: Night Sky

Residual Memory: Mark of the Toolmaker

Residual Memory: Grandpa's Chair

Residual Memory: Endless Autumn

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Where Sky Meets Earth II

11 color woodcut print, this took forever to print waiting for the ink to dry between runs

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Residual Memories

This is series of prints are about objects and the memories I associate with them. I am working primarily with zinc plates, starting with a very dark aquatint scraping and burnishing highlights and halftones. Finally I will add line work such as trees with traditional etching. I will post all states here and document the process.

Residual Memory: Flying Dream
State 1

State 2

State 3

State 4
State 5

State 6 nearly done with the scraping, the plate in grounded and I will draw in the tree and etch it.

Residual Memory: Grandpa's Chair
State 1

State 2

State 3

State 4

Residual Memory: Mark of the Toolmaker

State 1

State 2

Stage 3 done!

Residual Memory: Endless Autumn
Stage 1
Residual Memory: Labor of Love

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Well its been a very busy fall and my work has proceeded very slowly mainly due to waiting for ink to dry. During October I went down to Iowa State with the Augie printmaking class and observed some very nice collaborative printmaking efforts involving a steamroller. Students worked as a team and carved out a 4 by 8 sheet of plywood, inked it with paint rollers, and used a steamroller as a press. I've also been busy teaching and being a dad. Should be a bunch more artwork by December.
a quiet composition for me kinda like it

Ghost Lights
Water Color
Fire Flies

4 color reductive woodcut
this was my first time using a rainbow roll, I got the idea looking at Hokusai

Corona Borealis III
9 Color reductive woodcut
this one got the best of me I set up too many rules, I think do do this right it would have to be a multiple board relief, one board for the color and the other for the outlines and shadows.

Blood Makes the Grass Grow II
another in the series of birth death birth series
3 color reductive woodcut
I've been looking a lot at Durer lately

Sunday, August 30, 2009

glad to be back

Out of the muck of my annual season of raw nerves and blues. I wonder why I am so unhappy in the summer time. Any way I am so exited to be back in school with a chalked full schedule.

I start back at the studio on thursday, I plan to be working on a series of reductive woodcut constellations with lots of fine line work.

other activities will include Art Club, taking my daughter to ballet, figure drawing, driving kids places..........

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Off to school tomorrow, big changes this year. I will be moving into a very large new room in November it will be so nice. The printmaking and ceramic areas will be greatly expanded not to mention the direly needed storage area. Also this year I will be starting one of two murals in the new high school gym. The second larger one will be done next summer here is the plan for the smaller one. 5ft by around 25ft

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well I have not done much on the order of artwork this summer. But I did build some things.

This is a flat file system I made to store my print editions and paper. The top cabinet is for primarily storing my printmaking supplies. This project was supposed to cost very little as I would be using mostly recycled materials left over from my brothers little house project. The carcass is a mortis and tenon affair, and the mortises blew out with the slightest pressure, I should have known pine was a bad idea. I had to start over again with bought wood this time. The carcass is made of poplar with birch plywood for panels and tops, the drawer pulls are made from pipestone I found in my rock garden. This was supposed to take a month to build but took two, and ended up costing 3oo bucks, 200 more than I was willing to spend.

I also have been helping my brother Justin with his timber frame house. I have dug holes, lifted wood, held things in place, screwed screws, driving a tractor, distracted dogs, fallen off a ladder, and especially gotten to spend a lot of quality time with my Bro, his wife Leah, and my dad which has been wonderful. Please visit his blog on the right side of this page.

And finally I finished making a webpage. I started in May and have been pecking away at it since. I did it all in iWeb which is standard on a Mac, it was very easy to do, I was surprised. I secured the domain name before I bothered to google "chad nelson art", turns out there is another Chad Nelson artist out there-, he is a landscape artist, I'm sure he will not be pleased. When I uploaded my site I asked my mom to got to it and have a look, she said "Since when are you a landscape artist?".........Damit!

Monday, February 23, 2009

new linocuts

Earth Blood II (8 color linocut)
Earth Blood I (4 color linocut)
These images grew from listening to a song called "Wolf Lava" by Tribes of Neurot. I think Earth Blood II has been the most successful relief print so far, certainly the most colorful.
Corona Borealis (5 color linocut)
One of my favorite star constellations, I use Corona Borealis as a catalyst for many of my abstract designs. It has been said this constellation has been recorded on cave walls 40,000 years ago.
Vinland or Bust (5 color linocut)
This is a nod to my Nordic ancestry, and to my Alma Mater Augustana.

intaglios in progress

Human Race state 1
For this image I am just replacing the sailing stones of Death Valley with skulls.

Blood Makes the Grass Grow state 1
Its interesting to me that things in nature follow similar patterns; roots, blood vessels, nerve cells......The title of this comes from Dax Riggs the former vocalist from Acid Bath, he uses this phrase often in his songs.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

well i deleted my blog trying to set up a blog for my wife awesome!